Geovital Circuit Cut-Off Switch ONF 3

The easiest way to deactivate radiating walls

The GEOVITAL Net Off Switch ONF3 is the successor to the popular GEVITAL Vital Click Net Off Switch.

Just like the Vital Click before, the ONF 3 is an electronic device that can be used to monitor and switch off disturbing electrical lines. However, the ONF 3 is more modern and powerful.


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Product number: GVN-2017-007

The easiest way to deactivate radiant walls

The GEOVITAL circuit cut-off switch ONF3 is the successor of the popular GEVITAL Vitalklick circuit cut-off switch. Like the Vitalklick before, the ONF3 is an electronic device that can be used to monitor and deactivate disturbing electrical lines. However, the ONF3 is more modern and powerful.

New features of the ONF3 circuit cut-off switch or circuit disconnector

  • Two-pole disconnection - Two breakers Unlike conventional circuit cut-off switches, the ONF3 circuit cut-off switch disconnects two poles! This means that both conductors of the power circuit (phase and neutral) are disconnected. It often happens that due to incorrect installation or the age of the building, a feedback loop of "neutral" electromagnetic radiation is transported back into the bedroom despite having a circuit cut-off switch installed. In other words, even though a circuit cut-off switch has been installed, it does not produce the desired effect. With regard to possible residual loads from electrical fields, the two-pole disconnection has significant advantages. The still relatively unknown issue of "dirty electricity" (harmonics) is also measurably reduced.
  • Adjustment of disconnection The sensitivity at which the circuit cut-off switch should disconnect or reconnect can be adjusted using the controller on the top. The adjustability is possible between 5 mA and 200 mA. When installed in the fuse box, the device disconnects the sleeping and children's rooms after the last consumer is switched off. This means that the nervous system is no longer burdened with alternating current voltages at night.

WARNING: Measurement by a geobiologist is recommended!

A sleep site measurement with a measurement protocol is necessary to identify the correct power circuits to target. Please do not skip this step, as otherwise the electrician will only install it based on guesswork or will only disconnect the power circuit of the desired room, but not the actual disturbing power circuits.
The electrician does not measure the disturbing power circuits! This is not their task, but that of the geobiologist.

According to valid EU regulations, all devices in the fuse box must be installed by an electrical specialist. This is also required by insurance companies.

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