I have to tell you that I have never felt better, I have no swelling in my toes or fingers any more. I wake up feeling physically well, have my life force back. I am so thankful that we decided to paint the room. A big thank you to you for everything you have done and for selling us this amazing product. Thanks again

K. Arbuckle, Bayswater, VIC

I love the Shielding Mat under my bed, my bed went from feeling hard to feeling rounded and soft! Big difference, I’m enjoying snuggling up in it which I haven’t in a long time!

Penny Sarah, SA

We have slept on the geovital mattress for about eight months now and find it just wonderful, my first thoughts were it was a bit expensive but hey what’s the the price of a good nights sleep, waking refreshed, and keeping away from metal springs that conduct emr. Its the best !!! Thanks a bundle.

Glenn Murray, NZ

I am loving my Theravital mattress thank you!!! It is super comfy and I am enjoying some good (much needed) sleeps. The kids seem to be doing well on theirs as well. I have previously used a Viscose -elastic (?) mattress which also moulds to your body but it was very hot in the summer however I have not had the same problem with this one. It allows a lot more air to circulate.

Sheelin, Queensland

We had been looking for some time for a new mattress, when this one was recommended to us. We have found it to be extremely comfortable and supportive, neither too soft or too hard, too hot or too cold. We both sleep sounder with this mattress.

Family Pace, Pakenham, VIC

My contact with Geovital has been very pleasant and resourceful. What impresses me the most is theit integrity. Without a doubt Geovital demonstrated to me that they had my health in mind much more than their income from helping me. In fact, they were realistically able to discourage me from buying one of their products for a better health solution to meet my individual needs.

Jim K, South Australia

I am considerably better now that I can turn off the lighting circuit at night time by use of the demand switch: many thanks for detecting which circuit was the problem.

Jane R, VIC

Since using his new bed, Rob has been able to sleep properly for the first time and actually feels better after lying down through the night. With his medical condition he was struggling to get relief for his spine and with his new bed, he is getting support and also comfort. He noticed the stretching sensation when lying down and while it felt different to begin with he still slept well waking with less pain. He is now able to cope with his busy hockey schedule and will be representing Australia later this year in France. Thank you from a very happy family and customer for a wonderful bed that really works.

Fiona Summons

What a relief to have found Patrick from the geovital academy after searching the internet for a safe way to shield the bed room backing onto a recently applied smart meter.

As a registered nurse and massage therapist I have been interested for years in natural health. At home I often had low energy levels but had become so unwell I found working very difficult and feared a future of serious illness. In agency nursing I come across so many patients suffering from cancer without known causes often subjected to unpleasant treatments with a grim outlook. I did not want to end up like them, especially as a sole parent. I had worked near a power plant for years where wireless phones could not be used due to the disturbance. Also I had been subject to other forms of electronic pollution not knowing how it affected me until I noticed I had symptoms of earache, insomnia, nausea and dizziness, memory loss, headaches and painful muscular tension in parts of my body I worked out later since the smart meter was put in a few weeks prior. Since Patrick came to check my home and show me how to prevent overexposure to high levels of electricity in the home as he proved the levels of exposure with his equipment. I purchased some products and took advice given to prevent further exposure at home to the electronic pollution, booking in my electrician to fix some faults picked up by Patrick and to apply a special switch in the meter box. What a small price to pay for a worthwhile outcome in the overall outlook!

Susan Smith, Dandenong North, VIC

Some months after the testing and changes of the mattress and mats, we can only say we are very satisfied! Headaches are completely gone, back pain of my husband has also disappeared and in December the baby is due! Thank you!

Fam. Eckstein

Seven years ago at age 70 I moved into a ground floor apartment in a lovely converted old house. I had a survey done and knew that there was underground water present but no likelihood of flooding. This was important as there was an access to a cellar under the property which was open to the elements. Between ages 60 to 70 I had not needed to see a doctor as I was working full time in the movement profession teaching 18 Pilates classes a week and monitoring the health and fitness of 250 pupils. I used to sleep like a baby after such an active work schedule.

Within weeks of being in my new apartment I had seen a specialist about the pain in my left foot, followed by extreme pain in my left hip. Within 9 months I could not take weight on my left leg. This was accompanied by poor sleep, high blood pressure and hearing loss. All connected with the left hand side of my body. I had retrained in 1993 for natural healing and environmental medicine and I started to put two and two together and I had a ” distance survey ” done of my home and was told that there were Hartmann and Benker lines present but that the immediate problem was the electro magnetic frequencies for which a device was installed. My health continued to deteriorate and I started to spend a lot of time away from my property because I slept better when I was away and I was in less pain. After being away I was reluctant to come back to my own home. The final factor that decided me to contact Geovital was when my bioresonance specialist found that my immune system was not functioning efficiently and my body was showing signs of deterioration in other areas. In fact, I was not responding to treatment.

A geobiologist from Geovital came to my home and did a survey and it was found that two Curry lines crossed under the left hand side of my bed and there was heavy underground water running under my bedroom. There was no other position possible for the bed so it was decided to put a shielding mattress under my bed and to buy a new all wooden bed and foam mattress. After 9 weeks of the new sleeping arrangement the geobiologist came back to take new readings and NO GEOPATHIC STRESS WAS FOUND. In those 9 weeks my sleep improved, my pain disappeared , my blood pressure normalised and my immune system became strong again.

More surprising still , the young lady, aged 29, in the apartment above me whose bed was directly over mine found that her severe headaches went away and she was able to reduce her Beta Blocker medication. She thought that it was because she had started a new job and was happy in her new work when in fact the headaches disappeared when the mat was put in place in MY apartment.

I was a classical ballet scholar from the age of seven and have spent a lifetime in professional sport and in holistic health as a coach. In consequence I have always nurtured my body and done everything in my power to keep 100 per cent healthy. Thus it was frustrating to find that it was geopathic stress that was injuring my health. Sadly it took me 7 years to find an organisation who could help me but I am very grateful to GEOVITAL for coming to my rescue.

I would strongly recommend anyone to contact them if they have health problems that conventional medicine can not explain. It is possible that geopathic stress is the cause of the problems.

Miss Denny - West Yorkshire UK

Since using the shielding paint in my bedroom I have experienced a large decline in the number of migraines and sleepless nights I was enduring. I feel as if have my life back after five years of problems. Whether because of the paint or the new Theravital mattress I’m not sure, but I also have had no twitchy legs keeping me awake at night. I would encourage anyone having health problems to seek an assessment from Geovital as it might be life-changing for you too.

Shirley Silvester, Levin, New Zealand