Mobile phone pouch eWall, Young-Line, red

Mobile phone pouch with 2-fold protection! Technical protection against mobile phone radiation and scratches.  Size: 7,3 x 15cm


Available, delivery time: 2-5 days

Product number: HEW-2017-133

This mobile phone pouch in BLACK and RED prevents high-frequency mobile phone radiation from directly hitting the head. It also protects the mobile phone from scratches and damage.

How the GEOVITAL mobile phone pouch works

A dense shielding fabric inside the mobile phone pouch blocks the phone's radiation. The base is a specially processed thread of pure silver, giving it the ability to shield electromagnetic waves. This silver thread is woven into a fabric using a special manufacturing process.

The shielding fabric has a shielding attenuation value of more than 95% against electromagnetic waves.

The negative impact of electromagnetic waves that can occur when carrying a mobile phone close to the body is minimized by the mobile phone pouch. This is especially true when making phone calls! Protect yourself and your children by taking precautions.

What size mobile phone pouch do I need?

Both inner pockets can only accommodate a specific size. Therefore, it is important to know how large your smartphone is. It's mainly about the width of the mobile phone and less about the display size diagonally.

Also important is whether you use and still want to use a fall protection. Whether it is made of smooth plastic or non-slip rubber. Depending on this, the phone can be pushed into and pulled out of the case more or less easily.

It is best to measure at home and choose the internal dimensions of the mobile phone pouch that you think would fit.

Simple application of the eWall

The mobile phone pouch contains two pockets.

  • front pocket - one-sided protection with double shielding! - for everyday use - full reception and availability
  • back pocket - complete protection - complete Faraday shielding - no reception

The front pocket is for everyday use. On one side there is double protection (two layers of shielding fabric), on the other side there is normal fabric without shielding fabric. This ensures full accessibility through full reception, while at the same time blocking radiation to the other side. The mobile phone pouch thus acts like a radar reflector - it directs the radiation away from the body.

This is particularly advantageous when making phone calls with the mobile phone pouch, as you can now hold this barrier between your head and the smartphone.

Tip: Turn the phone and slide it into the case from below. This ensures that the speaker is on the correct side and the microphone is free.

Please make sure that the phone does not slip out and fall to the ground during this process.

To understand and see that the shielding also works, you can also slide the phone into the shielded case. When the elastic band is closed, the network reception is interrupted. Try calling yourself... and you will see that it doesn't ring and the mobile mailbox immediately starts. Very impressive with friends and family.

As soon as the phone is removed, the reception is restored within 20 seconds - without the need for a pesky PIN entry.

If it rings even though it's in the protected case...

In the vicinity of radio masts, it has been observed that despite careful closing of the mobile phone pouch, reception activity can occur due to extremely high radiation levels. This is NOT a product fault, but is shockingly indicative of how close or strong the incoming mobile phone antenna is, as it can even penetrate this extreme shielding.

If this is the case in your home, you should urgently (!) consult a geobiologist for a bedroom measurement, as the pollution levels in the house are likely to be extremely high.

Nevertheless, there will be a significant reduction in reception and thus greatly reduced radiation exposure - simply take the phone out of your pocket after 30 seconds and check the network strength on the display.

Increased battery consumption due to improper use

Especially smartphones as intelligent mobile phones recognize poor reception autonomously and automatically increase transmission power. This requires more battery power from the phone, which inevitably drains the battery. This can happen in standby mode or when apps update in the background.

Therefore, use the completely shielded rear compartment of the phone case only for short periods, such as at the doctor's office. For longer periods, we recommend activating the flight mode on the phone or turning off the device.

Geovital phone case usage collage

This is how you use phone cases correctly!

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